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We are family travel bloggers. World travelers, living in a van.  The vanlife gives us a chance to show you to places we visit. We create city guides and destination features and provide them as posts here and as videos on our  Youtube channel. We also showcase our photos on Pinterest. We promise to provide you with honest travel guides and our real opinion of the various destinations we visit whether it is in our campervan or any other way we are traveling around the world.

We share our insights as travelers and parents. Having visited 63 countries over the last 10 years, we have gained a great deal of knowledge on traveling, especially international travel and traveling with kids. We have written a book we have called it the ‘5 Family travel Secrets’ and are happy to share it with you here as an early bird offer, before we take it to print next year. We want to get your feedback before we commit it to hardcopy. We have no plans to stop travelling any time soon.

We love our life and pass on all that we learn and discover, including the challenges we face,  as family travel bloggers to you. We hope that it will delight and inspire you to come traveling too. Let us know if you do, we’ll be happy to meet up with you.

We plan to go once around the world in our camper van. Then we want to go around again in a yacht. We are happy to meet you when we are nearby.


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Wherever We Go, We Like to do a Story About Each Place

It won’t be the usual 8 best things or that sort of thing, but you will discover what we liked about the place, any insights we have and the things we loved to do there.

The Tricks you Learn are the Key to Successful Family  Travel

We have written a book on the topic, but we are still learning new things. This is the place we put them. You can benefit from our experience without making the mistakes.

Travel Tips
We Strive to Give You Our Real Honest Opinion on Things

Don’t expect us to hold back, we prefer to be real and even a bit raw, what good are travel tips if they gloss over the truth or miss important stuff. We share what we learn too.

Latest Family Travel Stories

These are the most recent family travel stories we have written for you. Check them out or select one of the categories in the menu above. We have posted about the destinations we travel to as a family. We share some hacks that have helped us in our travels around the world. You will also find some great travel tips to help you along your way. And last, but not least, you will find a shop where we have designed and created useful things for your travels

Popular Videos on Our Family Travel Youtube Channel

Our family travel Youtube channel is where you can find our Vlogs and some feature pieces that Vero loves to shoot and edit together, we are also thinking about doing a weekly live family travel Q&A.  If this is something you would like to be part of, drop us a line to let us know you want it. Maybe we will be in a destination you are thinking of going to and we can give you a first hand, in situ, update on what is going on there and what to check out when you travel there… We have visited 63 countries so far and are about to add another 5 – 10 over the next 6 months. We have a huge wealth of knowledge about so many places in the world that we’d just love to share ya’ll.

Some Goodies from Our Store

On our travels around the world, we have collected all sort of images and created lots of artworks, This store is a collection of clothing and other items like homewares that have been inspired by our travels. We have made sure that the quality of our creations is top-notch and will last you for years. Have a look around and grab yourself or a family member or friend a present

The Popular stuff

5 Family Travel Secrets
FREE: The 5 Family Travel Secrets - 100 pages of pure gold!

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