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Join us on our family travel adventure. Travel opens your mind and your heart... We are travelling the world and teaching our children through homeschooling and life experience... World-schooling. What is the art of a nomadic life? What is its purpose? We explore these ideas and more on our journey.

When we were kids, our parents told us that riding skateboards was a waste of our time and we should focus on things that could give us a real career. These days we know better as skateboarding has become a career. What possibility does the future hold? We don't know, but as we see more and more of the world, through our own eyes and the eyes of our children, we see the possibilities are growing.

People are growing and the world is slowly and surely changing. We believe it is for the better. The more of us that are out here blazing a trail, showing what is possible the better. We want you to join us, challenge us and inspire us and this is what we promise to do for you. z35W7z4v9z8w (just ignore this code, it just helps us track some techie stuff)

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Some of the regions we have travelled to. There is always somewhere else to go, With over 63 countries visited so far, we feel we have barely started to scratch the edges!

“There is so much more to see and experience!”
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Between us, we have covered a lot of the globe so far, taken a lot of photos, visited many countries and made a lot of friends. There is still so much more to see and do!

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Our new E-book about travelling with children called “The 5 Family Travel Secrets”. We’ve made the Ebook as comprehensive as possible and are giving you the first chapter here. As a father of 5 kids, I have travelled to more than 63 countries most of them with children. Discover what I have learnt.

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All the Designs in our Shop are Created by Us.

We have been busy turning the images of our travels, including Vivi’s watercolour art, into some cool goodies for you! Have a look through and grab anything you like. Your purchases from our shop help us to keep going! You will only find these products in our shop, we don’t sell them anywhere else.

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If you have never traveled a long distance before, here are some tips on how to get started and how to make sure your trip is nice and safe. We talk about this in our blog posts a lot, so please make sure to subscribe to stay ahead of all the news!

How to choose your destination

Choosing destinations is a very important, yet super fun task. You can just have an approximate direction, then let your mood and imagination steer you along the way!

Take everything under advisement

more times than i could ever remember I was told something bad about a place only to discover it was nothing like i was told. Listen to what others have to say, but make up your own mind about a place. Attention to your organisation of a trip will help you to travel safely and increase your chances of having a positive experience.

Be realistic, consider alternate forms of travel

Sometimes things happen not the way we plan them… hmmm let me put that another way, nothing ever goes to p-lan, except when it sometimes does. The trick is to not worry or stress about it, there are always other options that will likely be even better!

Meet the locals

Local people can help you around unfamiliar places a lot. Stay friendly and calm in any situation.

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