We’re the Roberts’ Family

World travellers planning to circumnavigate the World soon…
Roberts Family in Penang
Our oldest daughter Valé (not in this photo) is in NZ. We all hope she will join us soon!
Some Details

We decided to leave our life of adventure on the land and sail around the world instead.

We knew that we had to learn everything along the way. You could describe us as reckless people, but we really are very adventurous. We also decided that we wanted to share this next step in our life adventure with our family and friends, because so many were already following our adventures on land.

So we have built this site and set up:

…and goodness knows what other social media profiles. It’s all a bit complicated these days I think, too many options to connect.

We had thought a lot about buying a boat, but didn’t have the resources to do it… until now.

Our Family is:

  • Eric (dad)
  • Veronika (mum)
  • Valé (daughter) she is in NZ for now
  • Vivi (daughter)
  • Eddie (son)
  • Vita (daughter) you can only see the back of her hoodie in this photo

As I write this introduction to us, we are just starting our journey and this page is here to give you all some background. I’m sorry we have not been so present on facebook for all of you, but we are going to make up for it now, with this.

Honestly, we have virtually no experience in sailing. I, Eric, have sailed a total of maybe 2 weeks altogether, bareboat charters in the whitsunday islands in Australia. I have owned boats for a large part of my life (except the last 10 years) so I have some knowledge of boating in general, I have owned farms too, know how to fix things and I am a fast learner.

My family, none of them, except maybe Valé, have set foot on a yacht before, just the occasional ferry ride really is all they have done…

So we have a lot to learn, all of us, but lack of knowledge is not going to stop us, nor is a lack of experience…

We all know that these are things we can acquire along the way.

Eric 🙂