Some Family Details

Eric in Goa

Father of the clan and a serial traveller, I am Eric (also known as Papa and dad). I guess I am a jack of all trades. I have a temper too and can be a bit difficult, but I have a good heart and mean well. I have had short hair, long hair, dreadlocks and no hair over the years, but basically I am a hippy at heart!

I’m a tough dad and I think dad’s need to be tough, the kids might complain, but I am certain they will all come to me when they have grown up and say thank you.

I sometimes struggle to admit I am wrong, but will eventually come around.

Vero and Vita at our Bingin Beach house

A born leader, and a perfect partner, Vero is a mother who takes her role seriously and always does the right thing by everyone (except when she doesn’t).

A loving mother and the kind of person that thinks of the things that everyone else misses. She is an incredible photographer and videographer, an amazing cook, an accomplished teacher, a good dancer and generally the kind of person everyone wants to share things with, so I guess she is a very good listener too!

She anchors the family and keeps us all on track!

Vale on Scooter

Vale is our oldest daughter, She is an indenpent soul, a bit scared of flying, but not much else. She has inherited her great grandfathers vocal abilities, (he was a world class operatic tenor, Kipras Petrauskas).

She has the voice on an angel and has now started to write her own songs.

Unfortunately she is not travelling with us now as she is studying in NZ, but she might decide to join us sometime and we are encouraging her to!

We all miss her terribly and hope that she will join us soon

Vivi in the pool

Also known as Veronika Jnr. She is the artist in the family. she is 12 years old now, but really she is already a teenager, she doesn’t admit it, but she really is.

She now eats like a horse, is very reliable and responsible (except when she isn’t), has a heart of gold, somehow even at 6 years old, she always thought of others first and is going g to make the perfect mum one day.

Eddie on the train to Goa

The larrikin in the family, our Eddie is a happy go lucky type who somehow manages to breeze through life (he doesn’t see it that way). He is charming and very likeable, all women love him!

He isn’t one to be too worried about what people think of him, but it is this very thing that makes him so likeable to so many people. He is not one to worry about anything much, he leaves that wonderful chore for the other people around him to do!

He loves to bug and get under the skin of his older sister, mostly Vivi, it’s kind of like a sport for him. He is the hero player on that team!

Vita at Church of the saviour on spilled blood in St Petersburg

Our little munchkin!

Vita is the bossiest member of the family, always making sure that everyone is staying on their toes and ready to do whatever it is that she needs them to do EXACTLY when she needs them to do it.

She keeps us organised and coordinated!

She has quite the temper too, you don’t want to cross her! She has the other kids fully wrapped around her little finger, especially her older sister Vivi, and they jump when she commands it!

Under all that bravado, she is a gentle soul with a love for painting and stories. She has a great appetite and likes food fresh and live. She also likes lots of play time and loves to laugh!


As I write this introduction to us, we are just starting our journey as sailors and this page is here to give you all some background. I’m sorry we have not been so present on facebook for all of you who are family and friends, but we are going to make up for it now, with this.

Honestly, we have virtually no experience in sailing. I, Eric, have sailed a total of maybe 2-3 weeks altogether and mostly bareboat charters in the whitsunday islands in Australia.

My family, none of them, except maybe Valé, have set foot on a yacht before, just the occasional ferry ride really is all they have done…

Step one will be to go and get our skipper and crew certificates in the Caribbean, we will also take a ‘Capt’ with us at the beginning to help us get some real experience under guidance.

So we know we have a lot to learn, all of us, but lack of knowledge is not going to stop us from getting started, nor is a lack of experience…

We all know that these are things we can acquire along the way and we all want to become that rare breed of human being… The circumnavigators.

While we are preparing, `I will be going back over all our writings and photos from the last years and fleshing out this site, mostly to fill the family and friends in on what we have all been doing while they worried and fretted about us travelling so much with the kids!

We look forward to sharing the whole thing and especially the future with you all.

Eric 🙂