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So, seriously, are you guys rich or what’s the deal?

Seriously, we are not rich! there have been times where we have been thousands of miles from home with literally only a few cents in our pockets. While I don’t really want experience those moments anymore, they are amazingly defining moments and in hindsight, some of our best opportunities have come from them.

Recently, we have been working smarter and dreaming bigger and this has helped us to raise the money to do the things we want. to do. we won’t stop being creative and coming up with inventive ways to bring home the bacon.

Don’t let a lack of funds stop you from travelling

How did this adventure begin?

It began by meeting each other and it has continued by never truly giving up on our relationship.

Both of us had earlier failures, neither of us wanted another, it took us a few years to fully trust each other on this score, but eventually. we each realised that both of us  were going stick with it no matter what and when we realised that, everything settled in and became easier.

and sitting here writing this I realise that this is when our big adventure really started! Thanks for a great question, I love these ‘ah ha’ moments!

Who is in the crew, and can I join?

Our family are the crew, but when we are sailing there really could be room for some extra crew.

if you just want catch up when we are coming through or when our paths cross, we are totally up for that too.

Drop us a line, if you think we might cross paths and we can catch up.

What navigation equipment and software do you use?

All Garmin basically, but mostly because that’s what is on the yacht we are looking at, we are very inclined towards B&G, but no point in switching over until there is a really good reason to.

What about visas, customs, and potentials dangers in each country you visit?

Let’s deal with these one at a time

The Dreaded Visas

They are a pain, especially with half the family being on Russian passports, Russia has been heavily demonised in the media and by western governments, the ones who really suffer from this are the general public,

1) Westerners, because they don’t seek to get know Russia and Russian people.

2) Russian people, because they bare the brunt of the political and social stigma caused by the media and western governments.

We are working on ways to improve our situation through residencies, some residency to citizenship programs and even some economic citizenship programs.

Our aim is to be truly citizens of the world and we are actually making progress, albeit more slowly than we would like it to be.


Customs is basically a non-event for us other than the occasional X-ray of our bags at airports. We lead a clean and simple life so there is nothing for them to find that would cause us any problems and we always request the law of the land, whether we agree with it or not.

Potential dangers

This is an interesting one, because too many of the places we have been to that we were told were dangerous before we got there turned out to be among the nicest and best places we have been.

We pay little or no attention to danger warnings, maybe it is foolhardy, but it is our sincere belief that most of those warnings are politically based and designed to scaremonger already overactive imaginations.

Do your own research and make your own choices, but you know where we stand.

What camera gear do you use?

Its is changing pretty regularly, but these days it is all about quality, convenience and lightness!

Carrying loads of gear around is a pain, especially when you have kids!

We love DJI gear and the new Oslo personal is a big hit with us. Our iPhones take a surprising number of our best shots, be it still or video. and there is a raft of low cost 4k sport camera that you can now pick up for as little as €15.

sometime the camera you know like the back of your hand, but might be a bit big or heavy is still a better choice, because you know it so well.

If you had to do it again, would you purchase another monohull or a catamaran?

Always, always a catamaran! it is a no brainer, especially for a family.

Are there any books you recommend for this lifestyle?

oh god, where do I start!

Not finding it

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