You can find us using the links below. As a family, we decided to add our life of adventure on the land and find a yacht to sail around the world as well.

Knowing that we had to learn everything along the way, we are setting out with eyes wide open. We are not reckless people, but we are very adventurous. We also decided that we wanted to share this next step in our life adventure with our family and friends because so many were already following our adventures on land.

So we have built this site and set up:

…and goodness knows what other social media profiles. It’s all a bit complicated these days I think, too many options to connect.

We had thought a lot about buying a boat, but didn’t have the resources to do it… until now.

Tread Gently

Many years ago, Eric created the first travel blog that was updated from the road. It was 1996, he had to write the blog using WordPress and used the world’s first consumer digital camera by Kodak. you can find an updated version of it (along with the orriginal site that doesn’t quite work as it used to) at the link below. At one point, it was the number 3 website in the world, its a piece of history now.

Tread Gently


Once we are floating, we will add a frame here showing our Predictwind location too. Predictwind is an awesome service that does just want the name suggests!