NZ – A Perfect Family Camping Road Trip

New Zealand qualifies as a place for a perfect family camping road trip.

For instance, In the South Island of, freedom camping is allowed. Freedom camping is when you can basically pull up anywhere it is legal to park and stay the night. In Australia, free camping isn’t allowed anywhere. The South Island of New Zealand is a camping paradise!

In NZ they even have places you can lock up the kids and then go for lunch, we found this especially useful with Vivi, she can talk so much sometimes that it’s nice to have a break!

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.
Jean Wallace

While these guy who dod this video are a bit busy, they do give great info.  Their information is well researched and up to date. So, if you are planning to go free camping in New Zealand, watch this video to understand where to go. Most importantly, what kind of vehicle you will need to have to be able to legally go freedom camping.

I will write some retrospective posts about our road trip around NZ, it’s a beautiful place with lots to see and do and a great place to go camping and tramping with the whole family. Being a small country, nothing is too far away either!

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