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We were already travellers before we met, both draw to Bali. The interesting thing was we arrived there within days of each other, but it took us a couple months to actually meet and another year to get together. We didn't talk to each other much during that year, but it turned out that each of us was thinking often of the other.

Finally we decided to meet up and had a lovely time together over a week, going to ecstatic dance, riding around Bali on scooters with friends, climbing volcanos and generally having fun. A year of wondering "what if" and some time together quickly culminated in us moving into a new bamboo house. The amazing thing was, we weren't even a couple when we decided to get the house and move in, and we did it within a day of making the decision...

... We have barely been apart since that day!

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The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.

Life begins together, adventures, fun and laughter, but also lots of quarrels. It can be hard work getting to know each other. We had both had failures in the past that left us reeling and lost for long periods of time. We are both determined to not let that happen again. We talk about kids, well maybe it’s more than just talk!

Kids, kids kids… we have been busy. We keep travelling, anyone who tells you that kids stop you from travelling is a person who makes their kids an excuse for not doing all sorts of things. We are too busy with life to worry to much about anything other than keeping it together, making syre we have a roof over our heads and food on the table. Sleep deprivation is a integral part of our lives! Vivi and Eddie are in full swing!

We say farewell to Bali for a while and headed over to Lithuania to claim Eric’s citizenship. after years in Asia, Europe is a welcome change. We also feel we are starting to work as a team properly now, getting through problems like financial difficulties without chewing each others heads off! It really takes years to understand each other properly, We both feel too many people don’t make the effort these days to keep their families intact. Vita joins the family

This year was spent exploring Europe with the kids. We lived for varying periods in: Lithuania, England, Portugal, Austria, Italy and Malta. We travelled through, and spent time in, many more countries. We now feel we have a good understanding of life in Europe and where we prefer. The kids moved back to online schooling after a few months at school in Vilnius.

We are happier with each other than ever, it took some years to really get to know each other and a lot of work to move through the difficulties, but we have done most of that work now and all is good. We are now preparing to buy a yacht,  saving every penny we can while trying to make as many more as we can!

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Mostly, we just love it, but we suspect it might be a genetic thing. It feels like travel is in our blood. Although Eddie poo-poo's this idea (see the video). So we did a family poll and these are the results

In the blood 60%
Mum and Dad make us do it 0%
Go crazy when we stay in one place 100%
Don't like the same toilet too many times 20%
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