Jellyfish Laptop Sleeve by Vivi


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Carry your laptop with a style! This high-quality sleeve is available in three sizes, to protect laptop from scratches and minor impacts. Printed on one side with black rear, edging and zip it’s an elegant and stylish companion from day to day.

A beautiful Jelly print created by Vivi while we were in Malta, this beautiful little creature packs the strongest sting of all jellyfish in the Mediterranean sea, She was obsessed with them and took 100 photos at least when I took her out on the Eco Donut boats. 

.: 100% Polyester
.: Top loading zipper
.: Black polyester back
.: Lightweight

12″ 13″ 15″
Length (inner dimensions), cm 28 31.2 35.8
Height (inner dimensions), cm 19.5 21.8 25
Depth, cm 1.8 1.8 1.8

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