Australiasia, collectively Australia and New Zealand and a few other smaller places, Australasia is a vast and fascinating region of the world with much to share wit hits visitors.


Australia is an exotic and faraway land filled with unique and unusual landscapes and animals. It has become culturally tied to the USA, through several generations watching too much American TV, but it is still a wonderful place for a visit

A beautiful country that doesn’t seem to know who it is

Australia is at it’s best when you venture into the outback, the people are still very old school Australian, the nature is incredible, from vast open deserts to thousands of kilometres of coral reefs, to lush tropical jungles and snow covered mountains.

A road trip through the Far North or the outback in Australia is like nothing else you will experience in the world. Central Australia is still, in my mind, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been lucky enough to experience, but I must warn you, the distances are vast and you need to take everything you might need if you really venture off the beaten track.

Visit the Opal mining areas, see how they live underground to stay out of the oppressive heat of the Australian desert. Cruise the coast of either New South Wales, Victoria  or Western Australia for some of the best surfing you can find anywhere in the world. Visit one of the big outback stations (farm) to experience the rough and ready nature of the land and it’s farming community.

Getting lost in the australian outback scared me and also made me realise that there will always come a time in your life where your survival depends solely on you.
Eric Roberts


We have a connection with New Zealand, our oldest daughter lives there. It is a pretty country, rolling hills and snow covered peaks. it is at the end of the world, which is, at the same time, it’s greatest asset and its biggest drawback.

Europe meets Australia…

Kiwi’s (New Zealanders) have flare. There is a delightful mix of provincial charm and euro sophistication, all jumbled together, about the place. even though I grew up in Australia, I do believe I prefer New Zealand. Although the weather leaves a lot to be desired. Its the only place I have lived where summer still feels like winter. It was December of 2013 when I thought that the wet Kiwi winter was never going to end and I fled to Bali, and never returns to New Zealand’s beautiful, but bone chilling shores.

I’m not saying they don’t have a summer, they do, but it is short lived and a bit of a non event if you are an Ozzie, or a Croatian or Maltese for that matter!

If you want to get back to nature and surround yourself with some larrikins, then head down to Queenstown and hit up one of the many adventure companies all vying for your attention… Climb some mountains, ride some rapids, go on a pub crawl, enjoy a fine drop of wine. Pretty much any of your indulgences can be accommodated in this enigmatic little country that is the last landfall before Antartica!

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