Baltic States, Europe

These are Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. All former members of the USSR, they have since all become part of the European Union. These Northern European states all have much in common with it’s giant neighbour Russia, culturally they are all rather close to each other, even though none like to admit it.

Gently populated by EU standards, and filled with history

This is a part of Europe that not too many people understand or have visited, yet they are fascinating and a favourite area for us. This might be partly due to our family roots here.

The Baltic states are something of a crossroads between Russia and Europe, the foods and the cosmopolitan nature of the people, as we have experienced he region give it a uniqueness in the world. It is cold and stark in the winters, lakes and rivers freeze over, the days contract to just a few hours and the nights become ever so long.

In summer the opposite is true, the days a re warm and the longest you can have before entering into the polar circle. The crops grow fast and people are endlessly out on the streets doing something, anything while the weather is good. The cities are vibrant and alive with so much going on. There is always something going on that is worth going to.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”



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