Let’s collaborate,  create some overflow. We love teaming up with other content creators and doing fun and cool stuff.

We can help each other in all sorts of ways

Why was Eric’s (and the world’s) first travel blog such a success? Because it was authentic. Authenticity is not something we can teach, but it is something we can be. We are open to getting together with other authentic creators and the brands we love doing stuff together. Maybe we actually team up and travel together and create some value for our followers, maybe you have a product we love and use and would like us to show it to our followers.

Helping each other is something that can bring out the best for everyone involved. We love to work with other creative people, we love to inspire people and help them to see what can be possible.

Your story is your story, and ours is ours, but there is always great ways to interweave and create something special.

“Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.”

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