The Caribbean

The Caribbean is almost everyone’s idea of paradise on earth, even though it is often quite poor and wracked by hurricanes.

Nevertheless, we call it home too…

spectacular blue, more blues than you could imagine even possible, sun drenched days and sultry night, welcome to the Caribbean.

There are so many island nations scattered like a sting of pearls stretching from the south most part of the USA all the way down to South America. Each country and each island with it’s own particular way of life and special character.

Many wonderers come and never leave, other come and then keep coming back year after year. The people of the region are delightfully friendly, very resourceful and immensely resilient. You have to be when storms with winds ranging up to 180km can bare down on you any time between August and November. We feel blessed to call Antigua our ‘other home’.

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.”



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