Travel Consulting

As seasoned travellers, we can provide you with insights into living as travellers. Details on places that are good when you have kids, places that are easy to get residency, places that are not. All sorts of work arounds we have learnt to help you achieve your dreams.

We can work with you in person or remotely

The good news is that these days we can work with you from anywhere, we don’t need to be in the same place to provide you great consultation..

Travelling can be really challenging too, but rather than letting that be a reason for not going, make it a reason for going.

So, if you are contemplating a trip, be it small or large, feel free to reach out to us and let’s see if we can help you. Maybe it can be some helpful free advice to point you in the right direction, or maybe it is working out a big travel plan and putting in place all you need to make is a successful adventure. No matter which, we are happy to help.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Eric, Vero and Vita in Bali

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