Terma di Saturnia

DATELINE: Terma di Saturnia


Terma di Saturnia… Another one for the bucket list!


We weren’t planning to visit here today. Our destination as we drove from our new home, Malta, was actually Innsbruck. The objective was to pick up our winter clothes for our final destination, St Petersburg on some family business.


So while driving past Mt Vesuvius, famous for burying Pompeii, I turned to Vero and suggested we do a detour and go to the hot springs that have been on her to do list for years…Terma di Saturnia


We have been a little jaded lately as too many places like the thermal baths at Saturnia have been overdeveloped. Gratefully this is not the case here!

We arrived early, and stayed till midday, all of us ended up with full Babushka fingers! (the baby’s expression for wrinkly hands from the bath).

Terma di Saturnia gets a big thumbs up from the whole family. Our recommendation: Definitely make the effort to visit it and get there as early in the morning as you can!

Terma Di Saturnia is a 10+ on our Scale of Great Things to Do!

p.s. With the temperature there being a subtle 37.5c, it could be a little warmer! We didn’t stop there on our way down to Malta (in summer), because we thought it would be too hot to really enjoy the hot springs, in hindsight, I think it would have been fine, especially for an evening dip.

Two special places in on day!

Next stop Pisa!

Eddie was particularly excited to see the tower! Vero was just as excited… it’s not so often you do two such significant things in one day! It’s interesting that the thing that caused the tower to tilt so much was the very thing that saved it from collapsing during the 4 major earthquakes it has survived.

We try to make sure that the kids learn about the places we go, that they soak up some of the stories of where we are.

The looks on their faces when I said to them that Caesars had soaked in the same hot pools they enjoyed this morning was precious, talk about bringing history to life for them!

As you can see, we also went to visit the leaning tower’s little know ‘sister tower’ the wobbling tower of pizzeria!

Next stop is St Petersburg, we are all excited to get back to this beautiful city.

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