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Seaforever.life is a fast-growing family travel and parenting blog. We like to work with brands, tourism boards and other organisations to promote travel and attendance.

We will do collabs with other bloggers and brands. As a team, we are a professional digital marketer and photographer and advise people on business structuring and development and how to create a nomadic lifestyle. We create content, stuff like videos for your service or product, your website or pretty much anything, as long as its an ethical fit for us. Our goal is to give our readers, both families and individuals, valuable information to make the most of their weekends and holidays.

As a passionate travelling family, we produce destination guides, engrossing photography and video content to our readers. Our combined backgrounds in digital marketing, photography, writing and web development – you get two of the most dedicated, professional and charismatic travel bloggers in the industry.

Eric is a digital marketer at the industry-leading Woodshed.agency the world’s No 1 crowdfunding agency. Vero is the Freelance photographer with creative juice to spare.


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If you want to leverage your business using us as your personal social media influencers in the areas of travel and parenting… you are in the right place.

Our Audience
The majority of our followers are related to travel and are on Instagram, Facebook pages, and groups.

We have the audiences in a number of travel sub-niches. Most are related to family travel, Travel photography and digital nomadism and this is where all our concentration over the last few months has been and will be in the future. We prefer to work with companies whose products we know and use ourselves or products we fall in love with testing and using them. Promoting anything we don’t like or can’t use, won’t happen.

We only established this Blog in January of 2019, in our first month we had 500 unique visitors and the audience is now in the thousands and growing rapidly.

We are starting to build an Instagram following now too.

Travel Audience – 19,270 likes

Supernatural Audience – 9,500 likes
Chess Audience – 1,900 likes.
19,975 Page Likes
Facebook Pages - Travellers, Worldschoolers, Healthy Foodies
Worldschooling/Homeschooling - 6,280
Amazing Images - 5,650
Raw Foodism - 4,310
Travelling Entrepreneur Tips (digital nomad) - 3,730
21,000 Members
Facebook Group - Frequent travellers who have visited Bali
Bali Holiday Letting - 21,000
Total Instagram - Travelling family
Travel Photographer/Videographer- 720
Travelling Entrepreneur (digital nomad) - 475
Family Adventure - 2,266


Brand Partnerships

Let us breathe life into your brand through fun and authentic real real-life presentations of your product or service.

Marketing Campaigns

We’ll help you to ‘get the word out’ about your event, product service or destination. We do this using blog posts, social media updates, YouTube videos and all with a load of high-quality photos of our real travel experience with you. We back everything up with useful tips that your visitors need – we are in the business of helping you promote and expand your business.

Whether it’s Family, adventure, couple or solo travel – we are adaptable. We can cater to your audience, vision and angle the story to help you construct a unique campaign.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsor a single post or a series of posts on our website, we have packages that include social promotions as well – we want to ensure that everything we do for you is crafted around keywords relevant to your audience and market. These promotions on our social media channels, will be boosted as well.

Product Reviews

We offer honest and unbiased reviews on products or services designed for traveling with kids, general and adventure travel, and parenting.

Social Media Marketing & Digital Content Creation

We provide consulting, and sometimes management, of social media channels for all types of businesses. If you want to reach a larger audience with social media growth, engagement and influence, then hit us up for more information on how we can help you take your business to the next level.

Copywriting & Freelance Writing Services

a component of our promotional package is providing you with an article that will unlock the value in your story and communicates the core values of your business and compelling copy that will turn visitors into customers.

Web Development Services

We can help you develop your online presence – we focus on personal blogs or business websites, with a goal to help professionals build a visually stunning and goal-oriented platform where your existing and potential clients can find you and buy from you.

Other Collaborations

If you have something else in mind, pitch us! We’re always open to working with unique brands, professionals and creatives.

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Our work moves with us. We are Eric and Vero and we lead a nomadic lifestyle. We travel with our kids, Vivi, Eddie & Vita. Originally from Lithuania (Eric, although he was born in Australia) and Russia (Vero).  We have all been travelling for most our lives. We’re also the adventure-loving, wine-drinking, culture-seeking videographers, photographers and writers who founded this travel blog.

Prior to starting this website, Eric created the world’s very first travel blog> It was way back in 1996. At the time Treadgently was the 3rd most popular website in the world for a few months, following closely on the heels of hustler magazines website! It is now a historical archive.

As the pioneer of the travel blog, Eric is always inspired to share his point of view and help others to achieve their dreams.

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